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Camelphat & ARTBAT feat. Rhodes – For A Feeling
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Camelphat & ARTBAT feat. Rhodes – For A Feeling

Home Uncategorized Camelphat & ARTBAT feat. Rhodes – For A Feeling

Camelphat have been setting the music world alight the past few years, with a massive range of productions that has endeared them to everyone from the underground dance music scene, to the Grammy Awards committee. The news that their forthcoming album would feature collaborations with the likes of Noel Gallhager and Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis to name but two, is a clear sign that major mainstream success might just be around the corner. Yet the Liverpool based duo are still keeping it underground, as evidenced by their latest single For A Feeling, a collaboration with melodic techno heroes ARTBAT.

It’s a track that already holds serious currency – it first blew up back in Autumn of 2019 when acts such as Tale Of Us started throwing it into their live sets. And there’s good reason for For A Feeling to be respected in such circles, holding its own as a solid, well produced club track that gives little clue to its creators. Indeed, it’s a trait that makes Camelphat unique in the dance music world. The likes of Cola or Panic Room are bona-fide dance records, but managed to leak into the mainstream by neither design nor purpose. For A Feeling is on the same bent – this is unlikely to be hitting the playlists of daytime radio anytime soon (though as Camelphat’s 2018 smash Breathe can attest, they can even break the status quo there) but that’s what makes it special. Melodic techno may be the “in-thing” right now, but there’s never an air of bandwagon-jumping or trend-hopping – Camelphat are always about just making good records, not worrying about pigeonholes, and this is perhaps the best example of that to date. Throw in the solid and ever impressive talents of ARTBAT, along with a vocal from the talented Rhodes, and we have what might just be one of the biggest tracks of the year.

Listen to Camelphat & ARTBAT – For A Feeling below, and be sure to grab your copy here.


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