China is slowly opening up clubs and reviving the local nightlife

4 months ago the world was hit by a fast spreading Coronavirus disease. It didn’t take long before the life as we known it had to be put on hold and the official lockdown has started. Our lives have been affected in ways we didn’t expect to ever experience. The whole economy is slowly collapsing and of course this also had a huge impact on the music industry. Clubs were shut down, events and festivals are getting cancelled and postponed and artist had to adapt themselves to the new way of performing by streaming online. Finally there is a glimpse of hope coming to us from the other side of the world – China, where they are opening up some clubs again and reviving the nightlife.

The first epicentre of Coronavirus was Wuhan, people there spent 76 days in lockdown, now the restrictions are finally loosening up and people will slowly be able to go on with their day to day life. Looking at the Coronavirus case numbers on worldometers, we can see that on this day, 26th of April, China only has 11 new people infected, while most of the other countries have a lot more. At the end of March China gave a green light to some venues to open up and start trading again, however all of them have been doing it with a limited capacity and no live shows have been allowed yet. Some venues that are currently open are OIL Club in Shenzhen, TAG in Chengdu and Loopy in Hangzhou. The attendance at events is as expected lower than before Coronavirus, people are also leaving early so their business is recovering very slowly.

There are quite a few mandatory safety measures that the businesses have to follow. Some of these are the temperature and health code status checks of the visitors, frequent cleaning and disinfection of the dance floors and your entry might be rejected by the venue based on your travel history. Next to that China also suspended incoming international visitors, which also includes artists, so this is something positive for local musical talent, but bad news for international acts, since it is very uncertain for how long these measures will hold up.

We are finally seeing a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel, however we are not there yet. So we still need to obey the rules the governments put in place, stay at home, go on with social distancing and do our best to flatten the curve. In the meantime there are many ways of how to entertain yourself in self isolation, one of them also being our Quarantine Mix Marathon, with daily live sets from the biggest artists in the electronic music industry. So tune in on our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram profiles, every day at 20:00 CET for exclusive performances!

Image Credit: Akash Rai on Unsplash

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