Danni Darries

Danni Darries kicks off Lost In Fire Records with ‘You Are Free’

Dabbling in multiple different genres, Danni Darries is one of the most exciting and flexible artists around right now. With big support from countless artists in the game, he is moving up a level constantly. Gaining hundreds of thousands of streams on each release is easy when you have the talent that Darries has, and has he edges closer into the millions his fanbase continues to grow and support him.

Now, he’s taking his career to another level with a release on Jason Thurrell’s imprint Lost In Fire Records, that works with the distribution of Sony Music Benelux. With massive company Sony backing this label, big things are expected and Darries is kicking it all off in style with his new single ‘You Are Free’ which marks the very first release for Lost In Fire Records.

‘You Are Free’ is a solid production to say the least. Featuring groovy synths layered on top of fantastic vocals which power through the whole track, this is one of the best releases that Danni Darries has ever put out and truly showcases his incredible skillset when it comes to producing. ‘You Are Free’ is one of those tunes that will instantly strike a cord with the listener and get stuck in their heads for months on end, but it’s no wonder as to why!

Listen to the fantastic track below, or stream it on your preferred platform here.


Image Credit: Danni Darries / Artwork

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