David Guetta

David Guetta and DJ Snake announced their first collab

David Guetta and DJ Snake are arguably two of the greatest DJs/Producers in the history of electronic music, with countless hits and sold-out shows all over the world in recent years. Amid uncertainties regarding COVID-19 and countless lives of artists on social media, the producers of the super hits “Titanium” and “Lean On”, announced yesterday on DJ Snake’s Instagram, that they are working on a collab.
A release date has not been announced or even if there will be participation by other artists. It should be expected that this new song will probably have vocals and will be more geared to the radio and streaming audience, as Guetta did recently in his partnership with Dimitri Vegas & Like MikeInstagram”.
At the same time, it will be a pleasant surprise if Guetta and DJ Snake release this collab with a sound intended for clubs and festivals, as Guetta has been doing recently on their tracks with Morten.
The year of 2020 is being relevant for both French DJs, since DJ Snake released the album Carte Blanche (Deluxe), which features tracks from various genres and partnerships with other great DJs like Tchami & Malaa, ZHU, in addition to remixes. Guetta continues to work hard on his underground alias Jack Back and tracks with Morten.

Let’s wait and hope that this future hit will be released soon.


Image Credit: David Guetta / Provided by Creamfields PR

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