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Dimitri Vegas inspires artists to get more creative during lockdown period

Dimitri Vegas has called upon more artists to get creative during a summer of uncertainty as many music producers may find themselves with more free time on their hands amidst the Coronavirus outbreak.

With the ongoing pandemic, many of us have found ourselves with extra spare time in our daily routines as we are told to stay at home to reduce the effect and spread of Coronavirus. For some, the days are now filled with endless boredom, but some of the worlds most established DJs are trying to change that by speaking out and inspiring us to get creative and make use of our time to make music.

In a recent interview, Tomorrowland gained an interesting insight into how the pandemic has affected a member of one of scenes most decorated duos in Dimitri Vegas. Although he has missed performing alongside his brother Like Mike after being in “quarantine” for a month, time has been “moving very slowly […] but also in the blink of an eye” for the Belgian superstar. With his touring schedule on hold, this must mean that he has invested hours of his newly-found spare time working in the studio on new music.

As he has now become as productive as ever, he also had some wise words for all the stay-at-home producers out there during the lockdown period; “It’s a very difficult time, but if you are creative and never found the time, start creating now”. He didn’t just stop at music however; “spend time with your spouse, cook more, do work on your house, work in the garden”.

With no definitive end to the coronavirus pandemic in sight, what time better to get creative off the advice of one for the worlds most successful artists in Dimitri Vegas. Perhaps with more practice you too could replicate his success by spending your time productively at this time?


Image Credit: Boy Kortekaas

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