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Eric Prydz announces the return of EPIC Radio

Eric Prydz, the Swedish electronic mastermind, has just shared some exciting news on his Twitter. A new series of EPIC Radio will drop soon on Apple Music’s Beats 1. After the extremely successful 2019 series, Prydz will be back the upcoming Friday, April 10th, with more great music and hopefully also some new releases from his aliases Cyrez D and PRYDA. For now this are the only information that the artist shared with the world regarding his special project. Check the post that he shared, below:

Eric Prydz started the EPIC Radio project in 2012 with the initial idea of making it a monthly show, eight years later there are 30 episode of the special project are available online. There is still much unknown about the upcoming series that will be starting next week, but since people are in desperate need of some quality music entertainment, maybe Prydz will be dropping the episodes more frequently. Hopefully the EPIC Radio won’t be the only thing we are getting from the artist in the upcoming months. With no events on the schedule at the moment, he has quite some free time that he will probably spend in the studio. So listen closely to the upcoming radio episode for any possible IDs that he might include.

As we all know Coronavirus pandemic has really taken the world by storm. Currently there is no clear end date to all of this, so all we can do is stay home and act accordingly to the instructions given by the authorities. During these hard times DJs and producers from all around the world are doing their best to entertain the fans and make the quarantine time a bit more fun. While most of the artists were streaming their live performances, Eric Prydz, the Swedish electronic mastermind, did something completely different last week, as he called a couple of his fans via FaceTime. So make sure to follow him on his social media and keep a close watch on his announcements, who knows what he does next, maybe he decides to do another session like the previous and you’ll be lucky enough to get involved.


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