Jack Wins & Caitlyn Scarlett discuss ‘Freewheelin’ Axtone sequel, ‘Animals’: Exclusive Interview

With Jack Wins & Caitlyn Scarlett collaborating once again to deliver the long-anticipated follow-up to ‘Freewheelin’ (clocking up over 25 million streams to date), we sat down with the pair to discuss new single ‘Animals’. In the past few years, Wins has seen himself welcomed by the Axtone family with open arms, now making his fourth outing on the imprint following ‘Freewheelin’’ with ‘Forever Young’ & ‘Hold Your Breath’ along with performances on Axtone stages across the globe including Creamfields, Tomorrowland & Meduza Mexico. A hugely in-demand remixer, Jack has also taken on the likes of Ed Sheeran, Jess Glynne, George Ezra, whilst also releasing singles on Spinnin’ Records with a planned upcoming single on Jonas Blue‘s Electronic Nature imprint.

Caitlyn herself has been making huge strides on both her artist project and as a writer. Having co-written and featured on CLiQ‘s single ‘Dance On The Table’ alongside Kida Kudz and Double S. Caitlyn recently collaborated with platinum-selling UK group Rudimental on their latest EP ‘Distinction’, featuring on the final track of the EP ‘Ghost’. She has since had two sold-out London headline shows & graced the stage at Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend in Swansea. This is what happened, when We Rave You met Jack Wins X Caitlyn Scarlett…


Hey guys, welcome! Let’s start by rewinding back to ‘Freewheelin’, a huge hit for yourselves! How much of an impact has that track made on your career(s) overall since dropping 2 years ago?

Jack: “It’s definitely made more people pay attention to the project and started my ongoing relationship with the Axtone crew! Also, it was my first track to hit 25+ million streams on Spotify so not too shabby!”

Caitlyn: “Jack saw something in that song and jumped on board with myself and the other writers. We always vibed but the first time we actually met in person was when he played the tune live after the release at his London show! We’ve been in the studio a few times since and it’s always very chill and fun!”

So Jack, how did you originally come into contact with Caitlyn, and what was it about her voice that helped you to decide it would be perfect for the track?

Jack: “Well I was given the acapella of ‘Freewheelin’ through my manager, who knows her manager well. Caitlyn’s vocal is very special – unique sounding character that can do both emotive, but also powerful vocals. With ‘Freewheelin’ it starts quite sweet and that instantly caught my ear and from there I just started building a track around it!”

And so, why did you decide that it was the perfect time to now reunite on ‘Animals’?

Jack: “Well we actually hit the studio back in April 2018 to write Animals – we met after Freewheelin’ was out, got on well and decided that it would be fun to actually write something from scratch together.  There was never the thought process of ‘we need to write a follow up to ‘Freewheelin’ – purely for fun. The actual production has gone through several different stages as sometimes you need to take a step back from it, to make sure you get it right. But the beauty of a great song is, that there is no rush as a song is timeless, so its important you get the production around it right to compliment the lyrics and the vocal.”

So in terms of the creative process Caitlyn, did you hear the instrumental of the track before laying your vocal on, or how did it work for this new track?

Caitlyn: “I heard a version of the instrumental, something a lot more basic than the track it’s grown into. But enough to give me a framework as a writer. I write my own lyrics and that’s very important to me, I often draw from past experiences and relationships. It gives the song a more sincere energy.”

This one is out on Axtone, a label which has played a huge part in your release schedule to date. What is it about that Jack Wins x Axtone combo that works so perfectly, do you think?

Jack: “For me what works really well is the team behind Axtone; all working hard to develop the brand and of course the dedicated Axtone family. From a day-to-day perspective, my relationship with Edd (A&R) is really important, which I value very much. He is a producer himself and that makes the process much easier when discussing a track, the production etc. He obviously has a great ear and is very good at communicating in how to get the track where it needs to be. Also he is pro-active in finding potential songs.”

So could we potentially see even more Jack Wins x Caitlyn Scarlett collaborations in future? And if so, is there anything else in the pipeline currently?

Caitlyn: “Well collaborating with Jack is always a pleasure. So who knows!”

You can check out this new Axtone anthem from Jack Wins & Caitlyn Scarlett below! This is ‘Animals’… 

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