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Jay Slay’s track ‘All Night Long’ receives stunning remix from Ash Knight

With a massive 2019 behind him, and an even bigger 2020 ahead of him, Jay Slay is absolutely killing the game right now. Not only has he delivered a spectacular original production with songstress Kelly Alaina titled All Night Long, he also opened up a remix competition for the track. Giving up and coming producers the chance to shine, Ash Knight is one of those producers. Gaining tens of thousands of plays on his music, Ash is someone not be underestimated and his remix for Jay Slay proves that.

Gaining over ten thousand streams in just a month, this is one of the most popular remixes of the EP, and it’s no wonder as to why that is. With many of Ash Knight and Jay Slay’s fans becoming obsessed with the remix, it stands out as one of the best remixes released.

With some serious depth, this particular remix has layers upon layers of amazing sounds to uncover throughout the track, and not only makes for an enjoyable listening experience but an interesting one too. Providing that laid back, yet groovy element, this is a remix that you can listen to whilst both chilling out or working up a sweat on the dance floor. The versatility of Ash Knight’s remix is what makes it so special, and Jay Slay has picked out a true shining star.

Listen to the spectacular remix before, and check out Jay Slay’s website here.


Image Credit: Jay Slay (Press)

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