JOYRYDE shares Apple Music Mix before the release of debut album ‘BRAVE’

The genre-defying producer known as JOYRYDE has been welcoming listeners into his world of pure adrenaline since day one. With innovation at its finest, Jonney Ford stays motivated by taking on the challenge of not fully understanding something and putting his utmost energy into it to perfect his sound and creativity with his music. Showcasing his love for creative arts which not only includes producing music but also photography and video editing, JOYRYDE is truly a bass-house legend. After recently teasing his fans on an upcoming collaboration with house connoisseur Tchami, JOYRYDE continues to push the pedal as he has just released a Apple Mix which he states has “been built from the process of making his album” known as BRAVE.

Building the anticipation for his upcoming album release on April 3 via HARD Recs, JOYRYDE has included hints of unreleased tracks, old time favorites and even his very own mashup of Fisher’s classic single “Losing It” in this diversified mix. The mix also includes hard-hitting artists such as Skrillex, Carnage, EPROM and much more to keep listeners sane until Friday. After waiting two years for this album release, fans of JOYRYDE cannot wait to see all of his passion and energy crafted into a form of his very own art.

Check out the mix from JOYRYDE below and get the full tracklist here via 1001 Tracklists.


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