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Lady Gaga collaborates with Axwell, Madeon, Skrillex and more on new album ‘Chromatica’

There’s no doubting the power that Lady Gaga holds within the pop music industry. Sitting on top of the pop world for basically the entire last decade, she continues to thrive and remain as relevant as ever but it isn’t just the pop world she’s currently conquering. Having ties with some of the most prominent names in the electronic world, she’s enlisted the producing powers of the likes of Madeon and Zedd (who produced a big chunk of her ‘Artpop’ album back in 2013) in the past and her music regularly crosses that bridge of dance and pop. Showing that she’s still maintaining a name for herself in the electronic industry, she has worked with quite a few big producers for new album ‘Chromatica’.

We already know that her leading single ‘Stupid Love’ was co-produced by no other than French legend Tchami and American songwriter and producer Bloodpop, and Axwell also confirmed his part in the album with a simple tweet but what we weren’t expecting was the other names that have popped up since the track-list was confirmed recently.

Tagged on an Instagram post by Bloodpop (which you can see below), there’s a lot of interesting names that come up but that ones that instantly stand out to us are SkrillexBoys Noize and Madeon amongst the previously confirmed Tchami and Axwell. With Madeon and Lady Gaga having an extensive working relationship together (he produced three tracks for her on ‘Artpop’), we can’t wait to hear ‘911’, the track that Madeon confirmed on his Twitter account as the one he had a hand in producing. Skrillex and Boys Noize are two extremely exciting names, and although it is yet unclear if they worked their Dog Blood magic together or separated for this project, we have no doubts that this is going to be the best fusion of dance and pop yet.

There’s still no official release date for ‘Chromatica’ yet, but stay tuned for all the latest information regarding these exciting collaborations.

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