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Leveraging dance music skills in other work

As much as many of us dream about being full-time producers or DJs, the reality is that only one in ten thousand, if that, will be able to achieve this feat right off the bat. This means that, for those of us still dedicated to the art form, we have to find other ways to support ourselves while we work towards something greater. Traditionally this would mean taking any standard job we could find but looking closer, there are other ways to leverage EDM skills in other industries – and vice versa.

In this article, we want to look at online casino games like those of LeoVegas as an example of an area where transferrable skills can play a part. Specifically, we’ll be looking at online casino slots, though there are other areas of these services which can similarly play the part of utilizing and building useful supplementary skills.

The LeoVegas Example

As is typical for an online casino in Canada, LeoVegas is a service with an enormous focus on different slot games. This means a variety of hundreds, each following specific themes and genres. Sometimes these are unique, born entirely from the creative minds of the developers, while other times they are licensed games that work from an existing framework.

In either case, the music for these slots is likely to have been created almost entirely digitally, and this is where EDM skills come into play. Producing EDM music means achieving mastery in a highly technical but creative aspect within the development pipeline.

The same applies to other related careers. Continuing with LeoVegas as our example, this could be a career in coding or design. In fact, for any casino online today, creative and/or technical skills could also be utilized by working with the developers which supply games to these websites, such as Microgaming, Netent, IGT, and much more.

Building on Extrapolation

There is a problem common among artists in that they tend to get tunnel-vision on that which drives them. While not an inherently negative trait by any means, it can come with the side effect of making us miss the forest for the trees. We need to understand that creative work is not an all-or-nothing pursuit in our chosen areas. By widening our scope we can grow in unexpected ways.

You could work for a mobile casino online, develop music for smaller YouTube channels, or even teach basic music theory to those new to the field. Each of these comes with its own set of challenges, and each of these can, in some way, grant us useful experience for pursuing our EDM dreams.

Diplo used to be an after-school care teacher, Laidback Luke was an artist, Ben Klock was a graphic designer. The key, in all of these, was through finding a creative outlet on which personal inspiration could grow. Success is not success if you didn’t have to work for it, and taking a broader stance in our social and artistic perspectives can do nothing but help our odds for later achievements. Whatever work puts food on the table, embrace it as a stepping stone rather than a hurdle, and your attitude and future in EDM will be all the better for it.

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