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Martin Garrix reveals exclusive news in his Zoom call with Bryant

This past Monday the Dutch icon Martin Garrix jumped on a Zoom call with the American superstar photographer Bryant that invited some fans to join in so they could directly ask their questions to Martijn, leaving a lot of exclusive news about his next projects.

It was Easter morning, when the popular photographer Bryant Eslava announced on social media he’d be calling Martin Garrix via Zoom and share the access credentials for anyone that wanted to access. During the call, the lucky fans that managed to join in, were able to talk to the young artist and ask him some questions about his short-term plans. At first, people could think Martin wouldn’t be sharing that much information and keep things secret but the STMPD owner is no that kind of guy and unveiled a lot of headline news.

Firstly, with regards to his alias projects Martin states he has a new GRX collab with Florian Picasso dropping this Friday titled ‘Restart Your Heart‘. He announced he will be releasing his first YTRAM song very soon and he’s thinking of recording another rooftop set including lots of YTRAM-type music. For his side AREA 21 project with rapper Maejor, they’ve just signed some record contracts and they’ll now be releasing a lot of new songs and an album. The most exciting thing is that Martin stated that some of these tracks will be in a totally different style from what we would expect from AREA 21.

His song for the EURO 2020 was meant to be released on April 21st but as the tournament has been postponed, the song has too. However, Martin is discussing with the UEFA committee the possibility of releasing it now while keeping it as the anthem for next year. About the project he also hinted he recorded it in France one week after his ankle accident with an artist he couldn’t believe he was working with.

On his other tracks, Martin said he’s still perfecting the drop of his ‘Higher Groundcollab with John Martin and he said he’s holding on his song with Ryan TedderLive Tonight‘, as he accidentally copied the melody from ‘Yottabyte‘ but he’ll for sure finish and release it, while he also plaid 2 new ideas he’s developing on his guitar.

Lastly, he informed that after some years performing his solo shows at RAI Amsterdam during ADE, he will not be repeating it this time. He said he misses enjoying of the ADE experience joining multiple parties so although he might play and intimate set that week, this is going to be his plan for this year.

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? BREAKING! ? Martijn did a Zoom call with @bryant this morning and spoke to a bunch of lucky fans. He also revealed a lot of exclusive news during this special call and here's a summary of it. ⠀ 1) New GRX song is coming this Friday (Florian Picasso & GRX – Restart Your Heart) ⠀ 2) Martijn is releasing his first YTRAM song very soon ⠀ 3) The Euro song was supposed to get released on 21st April but because the tournament got postponed, the song also got postponed by another year. Now Martijn is in talks with UEFA committee again to still release the song this year and also use it for the tournament. He gave a small hint about that project, he recorded that song is France a week after his ankle accident. When he was sitting beside that artist, he couldn't believe it and talked about he pinched himself the whole time. ⠀ 4) AREA21 has struck a massive deal. They have signed contracts and stuff (not revealed with whom) and all that is left now is releasing music. He confirmed that AREA21 album is coming and it will feature a lot of new style of songs which we wouldn't expect from this alias. ⠀ 5) NO RAI SHOWS THIS YEAR! A fan asked him if he's doing ADE RAI shows this year and he said no. The way he talked about it, it seemed pretty clear that he is not planning to do a RAI show at all this year. He said he misses having fun during ADE and crashing multiple parties and that's what he's gonna do this year. He might do a small intimate low capacity show at a special venue. ⠀ 6) He's planning to record another rooftop set because he couldn't play a lot of original songs. Might also include a lot of YTRAM type music. ⠀ 7) He's still working on perfecting the Higher Ground drop. ⠀ 8) The main reason why Live Tonight feat. Ryan Tedder (Back In Time) is still on hold is because he accidentally copied that melody from Yottabyte. Still planning on releasing that song. ⠀ 9) He played 2 new ideas on guitar.

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