Vini Vici

Music Tel Aviv teams up with Reshet 13 to host massive TV party featuring Vini Vici and more

In these crazy times, artists and media companies alike are doing everything in their power to keep fans of music entertained whilst under quarantine, where people cannot physically see their favourite artists live at gigs and festivals. There’s been some massive international online events happening with some of the biggest artists in the world, and the creativity is being felt more than ever. In Israel, Music Tel Aviv teamed up with Reshet 13 (two massively influential names) to bring music entertainment to everyone’s homes with some massive names in tow.

To celebrate their independence day (and to make the most of the quarantine), they’re partying in style with a six-hour TV party called ‘Mid Night TV Party’. Unarguably one of the biggest events to happen in the country, they’ve brought in some big names like Guy GerberRed Axes and more but undoubtedly the biggest name that pops out is no other than energetic psytrance duo Vini Vici. Getting set to dazzle their home country with firey beats and buckets of energy, this is something that is going to be truly unmissable.

Going from 00:30 until the morning light, get ready to pull an all-nighter at home as every part of this unique event is something not to be missed at all. Live from a huge rooftop venue, it’s not only going to be the sounds of the amazing sets that will leave you stunned but the amazing views to accompany it all too.

Get all the details below from Music Tel Aviv and prepare for one of the biggest TV events in Tel Aviv history.


Image Credit: Vini Vici (Press)

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