Timmy Trumpet

Over 1 million fans tune in to Timmy Trumpet’s live-stream set

Over 1 million fans tuned in to Timmy Trumpet‘s live-stream set this past Sunday.

Australian powerhouse DJ Timmy Trumpet performed a one-hour set on his social media right from his apartment in Sydney, Australia.  Trumpet’s windows were agape allowing the viewers at home to see the gorgeous Sydney Harbor Bridge and around the ten-minute mark, a cockatoo even accompanies him on his balcony.  The live-stream was viewed comfortably from fans’ homes in over 60 different countries by 1.4 million people.

While Trumpet is known for having ostentatious performances in front of thousands of people, this live set doesn’t kill the spirit of what we love about Trumpet’s performances such as his high-kicking dances and even though his stage is smaller, he maximizes all the space there is to tout around his trumpet and even spray champagne off his balcony.  He recently took to his social media to advocate for fans to #SaveTheSummer, a movement in which he’s encouraging fans to stay home and stay healthy in order for festivals and shows to resume where they left off.

In a statement regarding the movement, Timmy had the following to say,

“We all want life to return to normal as fast as possible but the health of all people around the world is the absolute priority no matter your age or where you come from. I’m so proud that promoters and DJs all over the world are sharing this important message”

While we’re attempting to get used to his new normal for a little while, it’s very apparent that the fans and artists aren’t going anywhere and the show will go on.  “I’ve had thousands of fans message me asking for answers about the future of our industry. The least I can do is give everyone a performance with the same energy I take to a festival stage. We all need to switch off, even if it’s just for an hour.”  Trumpet says in support of everyone during this difficult time.

Watch Timmy Trumpet’s the live-stream set here.


Image Credit: Timmy Trumpet (Press) / Provided by Armada PR