Paul van Dyk

Paul van Dyk postpones album release; launches nostalgic rework LP instead

German DJ and producer Paul van Dyk has momentarily put the release of his scheduled dance-centric album, ‘Guiding Light’ on hold due to COVID-19-caused club closures. Instead, he has put his time in isolation to good use, locking himself in his studio and finishing a deeply personal project. The result? An album featuring reworks of some of his most well-known tracks, including ‘Guardian’ and ‘For An Angel’, aptly titled, ‘Escape Reality’.

To suit the times, van Dyk has decided to produce more relaxed reworks, slowing down the tempo and crafting a more ambient feeling, rather than the trance heaters we’re used to. He comments on the process of revisiting old projects, saying:

When I got underway, much of the personal apprehension I’d been feeling moved into the background. Impasses that I’d previously reached on certain tracks vanished, new ideas popped and angles appeared. It was a remarkable final production month to something I’d enjoyed playing with for years, and a specific reason to finish it became its tipping point”.

He announced the release of the reworked album on Facebook:

Commenting on the postponement of ‘Guiding Light’, van Dyk stated:

“Last month it quickly became apparent that putting out an album designed for the dance floor (‘Guiding Light’) in a largely club-less world would not be rightSo focusing on music-making and a release whose function is now more intimate made a lot of sense”.

Whilst fans were no doubt looking forward to ‘Guiding Light’‘Escape Reality’ is sure to impress. The euphoric rework album is another Paul van Dyk masterpiece and is sure to give older fans a fresh sense of nostalgia. Fear not, ‘Guiding Light’ is still set to be released, but it will be sometime in the summer of 2020. In the meantime, cure your isolation boredom and stream ‘Escape Reality’ here.


Image Credit: Christoph Köstlin / Provided by Stark Profiles PR

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