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Production company for Coachella now builds COVID-19 tents

Choura Events, a production firm for world-renowned events such as Coachella, SXSW, and major sports tournaments, has now turned to build tents for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) patients. With the rise of cases in the United States, hospitals are reaching their cap with beds and space. Many entertainment/production firms, such as Choura, have turned to create medical tents and are aiding local governments. Ryan Choura, the founder of the production firm in Southern California, stated:

“We pivoted so fast to being a rapid-response disaster relief team. If I didn’t know how to do Coachella, I couldn’t do this hospital…I saw patients coming in here and saw what they looked like. This is real, and we’ve got to move.”

As the Los Angeles Times reported, there is a desperate need for space and the entertainment industry companies have shifted their priorities to aid as much as they can. The industry is set to lose between 10 and 20 billion dollars this year alone due to the impact of COVID-19. Aiding in such a crisis and trying to bend the curve is in the greater interest of the entertainment industry and all concertgoers. Joey Gallagher, of Gallagher Staging in Los Angeles, stated:

“We’re an industry that moves faster than anyone. We’ll install an entire city on a blank slate…we have everything available: Wi-Fi, radios, generators, lighting, restrooms and wash stations. We can build a small city in a day or two, and that’s a need right now.”

Firms such as Choura Events and Gallagher Staging were preparing for another massive Coachella edition, but are now using their resources to aid in this pandemic. It is heartwarming to see people from all paths come together to help other human beings and put their skills and resources to use. We are all fighting for the same outcome and for the same team. Hopefully, with due time and the hard work from professionals, we will be able to regain some normality in this world.

Image Credit: Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

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