Rezz unites with Grabbitz for huge rock-infused bass collab ‘Someone Else’

Rezz and Grabbitz have just released a new single ‘Someone Else’.

Rezz, dubbed the “rave mom of EDM” (real name Isabelle Rezazadeh) and powerhouse DJ/producer teamed up with Grabbitz (real name Nicholas Chiari), a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter to bring us a unique dose of rock-infused bass house.

This song begins differently from other Rezz tracks and opens up with an emotional electric guitar bass-line and the soul-stirring vocals of Grabbitz singing gut-wrenching lyrics that at times, sound like he’s singing through clenched teeth.  Moving from the verse to the hook, harmonies of the lyrics swell into the middle of the mix along with high-frequency pads generously placed throughout the build-up.  In standard Rezz fashion, the drop consists of a grimy pulse bass matched with a gritty drum kit.  The end of the song is a hypnotic mixture of big synths and fractured melodies in response to the main theme alongside the vocals.

While this track is different, it might just be one of Rezz’s best, and it seems that fellow DJ/producer Madeon thinks the same.

Like many artists during the global pandemic, Rezz has been making the most of her time during quarantine by live-streaming sets and doing frequent Q&A’s via her YouTube channel and while it seems we can’t get enough new Rezz music quick enough, Rezz also hinted that there may be a potential collaboration with SVDDEN DEATH‘s alter-ego Voyd in the works.

Listen to ‘Someone Else’ below.

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