Rinaly EpicFail

Rinaly & EpicFail – Rise Above (ft. Kate Miles)

From being a bassist at her junior high school to producing epic trance bangers that often make it to the top festivals and raves across the world, the Japanese record producer and DJ Rinaly has come a long way in the music industry. In fact, she chose the perfect time to release her uplifting trance tune Rise Above, which is a collaborative effort with the Canadian DJ trio EpicFail. This exhilarating single features some extremely soulful vocals from the renowned singer Kate Miles.

Rise Above has arrived through the well-recognized record label Uplift Recordings, that is the home to other renowned artists like Steve Allen, XiJaro & Pitch, and Alan Morris. The ambient chords of this track combined with the progressive melodies and soothing vocals are set to trigger intense euphoria amongst all the trance lovers out there.

As a matter of fact, Rise Above is the first release from Rinaly on Uplift Recordings. The label is a part of the group Raz Nitzan Music, which is the home to all kinds of vocal trance sounds, featuring music from top-notch names like Armin van Buuren, Perpetuous Dreamer, Richard Durand as well as vocalists like Susana, Ana Criado, Sue McLaren, and Katty Heath.

Don’t forget to check out Rise Above here


Image Credit: Rinaly & EpicFail (Press)

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