San Holo – in the end i just want you to be happy

If you’re a San Holo fan or are familiar with his style of music, you’ll know that he’s always finding innovative ways to fuse emotional and delicate sounds with injections of energy. His unique, forward-thinking way of producing has lead him to gain a massive core fanbase who support his every move, and he’s built a genuine connection with them all. Right now, he’s focusing a lot more on his emotional side and honing in on his guitar sounds – which he’s done for a long time now in his music – for a body of work he’s calling ‘Stay Vibrant’. The idea of the ‘Stay Vibrant’ expanding collection is that he’s putting out a new song every week and now he’s just added his latest track to the collection.

With a name like ‘in the end i just want you to be happy’, it’s no surprise that this feels like a deep and personal song with a lot of emotion and feelings brewing within the core of the track. Letting his raw emotion sine through in his captivating guitar riffs, it’s a delicate instrumental that is perfect for zoning out to whilst the melody takes you to an entirely new and peaceful place.

San Holo has insane guitar and electronic production skills, and this is just another example out of a very long list that shows off his capabilities perfectly. Once again, he’s put listeners in a hypnotic state and you can listen to the beautiful track below, and watch the music video here.


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