Seven Lions

Seven Lions releases 5-track EP ‘Find Another Way’

Seven Lions (Jeff Montalvo) releases brand new 5-track EP ‘Find Another Way’ on his label, Ophelia Records. This is the first Seven Lions EP of the new decade, with the last one being released in March 2019 called ‘Ophelia Volume 1’. 

The EP opener on ‘Find Another Way’ is titled ‘Remember’ and features fellow dubstep pioneer Au5 and American duo Crystal Skies to bring us back to the roots of classic melodic dubstep along with other big bassy synths and vocal chops. Next up, ‘Only Now’ which features the captivating vocals of Tyler Graves. This song is built out of big arpeggiated synths and sweet melodies with explosive growls to introduce the listener to each phrase and idea Montalvo presents throughout the song. The third song, ‘Senseless’ once again features Tyler Graves on vocals, is a more pop-centered track with an upbeat tempo and big tremolo styled synths taking us along the way. The fourth song allows vocalist April Bender to lead us through the journey of a utopian world called ‘Another Way’. With a catchy hook and big major chords, this song should be played loud and sang at the top of your lungs, you might even find yourself singing the hook before it’s over. To close out the EP, Montalvo calls on American vocalist HALIENE (Kelly Sweet) and creates a world inside of her vocals with whispery reverbs that wrap around the main vocals that take us to the sweet centre of a drop that breaks through the wall of defined genres throughout this EP. The special part of this track, titled ‘What’s Done Is Done is the use of drum and bass-styled drums that act as a bridge between phrases of the song.

Find Your Way‘ has a little bit of everything for all EDM lovers. From carefully crafted synths to sing-along styled hooks, but we weren’t expecting any less from the legend, Seven Lions.

Listen to ‘Find Your Way’ below:

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