South Korea

South Korea clubs to reopen as social distancing measures ease

Clubs in South Korea will begin to open as social distancing measures ease.

While it seems as if the news of the fate of our festival season and our favorite nightclubs has been never-ending, we’re excited to report that something exciting is underway.  This past weekend, Seoul, South Korea reopened nightclubs as the South Korean government continues to relax its social distancing measures.  The country has reported having only eight new cases since the introduction of the new policies.  The country has decided to extend its policies until at least May 6th with the new guidelines in place, thus continuing to keep sports venues, nightclubs, and churches open to the public.

While the slow reopening is still on its way, Faust, Vurt, and Modeci have opened with strict policies in place such as lower capacity, keeping most areas of the club closed, and enforcing a strict “no mask, no entry” policy.  South Korea is the second country beginning to ease lockdown restrictions, following China, which has opened a portion of businesses slowly within the past few weeks.

The world is rocked by the coronavirus pandemic with numerous and seemingly constant slew of disappointing news that we read daily, and as the world slowly but surely learns how to begin to function normally again following a global pandemic, we can look to these countries as a symbol of hope that an end is (eventually) in sight.


Image Credit: Daniel Bernard on Unsplash