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Steve Aoki highlights how to keep positive during the COVID-19 crisis

In an interview with Tomorrowland, Steve Aoki has advice for how you can stay positive during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

With all the chaos in the world right now amidst the on-going COVID-19 crisis, it seems many people are struggling to stay positive during this time. A lot of people can’t concentrate during remote working, some people decided to divorce during the pandemic, students are forced to buy articles online because they lost writing motivation. But it seems having a structure to your day, or even week, can help you keep a positive mindset during lockdown according to American superstar DJ and producer Steve Aoki. 

Having had to halt a busy touring schedule, the 42-year-old sat down with Tomorrowland to discuss his current situation without live events and music. With no sense of when things will return to normal for him, he detailed how he is getting by day by day and even went so far as to provide some positive advice for those of us at home who may also be without work; “One of the most important things is to start your day off with a plan. Don’t just stumble into it, prepare a schedule”. With a look further ahead into the future he sees positive things coming out of the lockdown phase of the pandemic; “The more you contemplate what you want to do the next day, the more fulfilling your days will be. You’ll then see that in hindsight, the quarantine turned out to be a good thing.”

There are indeed good things on the horizon for Steve himself as he looks to work through the crisis by getting creative in the studio. Having just released “Neon Future IV” this month, he also seems set to release another album “Future Force” soon as he revealed that he was due to premiere new music form it at both Tomorrowland Winter and the Belgium edition in July.

With his latest album featuring a huge 27 tracks, it seems Steve Aoki and his daily plans are incredibly fruitful, and with his latest advice maybe you, too, can get just as productive during the Coronavirus crisis.


Image Credit: Steve Aoki (Press) / Courtesy of Shore Fire Media

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