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Tony McGuiness recreates the first episode of Trance Around the World

Tony McGuiness, British DJ and producer, one third of Above & Beyond, has shaken up the trance community with some amazing news last week. He announced that he will be recreating the very first episode of the signature Trance Around The World radio show, that aired for the first time in 2004. Livestreams have recently replaced parties and festivals due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Artists from all around the world are currently transforming their bedrooms and living rooms into trendy club settings and entertaining fans with their amazing performances.

Tony McGuiness took his time and prepared a special two hour set, mixing the original tracklist of the first Trance Around The World radio show on his Twitch account. Apparently the original episode was just a test broadcast and the tracks were unmixed and separately trimmed out in a playable list. Somehow Tony managed to save it on his card, just in case they might do something with it. It was streamed back in January 13th, 2004 on Ministry of Sound Radio and was never recorded or archived, so the re-do that McGuiness did was highly appreciated. The weekly Trance Around The World show aired between 2004 and 2012, attracting approximately 35 million listeners from more than 35 countries.

He started out this memorable set with a nostalgic remake of OceanLab‘s track ‘Satellite’, nicely mixing it into Filo & Peri Bangin’ Mix of Whirpool’s ‘Under The Sun’. Some other highlights of the set were definitelly Above & Beyond remix of Chakra‘s ‘I Am’, Robert Nickson‘s remix of Endre‘s Kallocain’, Super8‘s ‘Alba’, Gabriel & Dresden‘s mix of Sarah McLahlan‘s ‘Fallen’, Envio‘s ‘Touched By The Sun’ and much more. The full tracklist of the set can be found here.

TATW 001 was definitely a very important milestone for Above & Beyond, now the re-creation set is finally here and people can enjoy this masterpiece anywhere and anytime. Tony also hinted that he might be bringing back the Trance Around The World 002 next week, but for now we will just have to wait and see what happens.


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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