Valentino Khan & Ship Wrek – Obsession

Los Angeles based producer Valentino Khan clearly knows how the push the boundaries of genres by crafting unique tracks which support his dedication to always progress his sound forward. Whether it be his hard-hitting signature sound or providing his listeners an iconic house tune with ‘Deep Down Low,’ Khan really does it all to build his imprint in the music industry. Catching the waves with Los Angeles based house duo known as Ship Wrek, Valentino Khan has joined forces with this power duo for their groovy collaboration ‘Obsession’ to splash through the house scene.

Released on Mad Decent, the track begins with seducing vocals intertwined with alarming instrumentals and high-pitched frequencies. Proving that this track will be an ‘Obsession’ to many around the world, a groovy turn becomes apparent as these producers drop a solid house beat energized with contagious basslines and futuristic sounds to keep you shuffling at the comfort of your own home. Progressing into snippets of bass-house along the way, vibrant chimes shift levels to display these eclectic producers experimental production style. We definitely cannot “live without” this track being on repeat for this summer.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments.


Image Credit: Pete Don / Valentino Khan (Press)

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