Will Clarke – Hallelujah [All We Have Is Now]

Earlier this year, the British techno sensation Will Clarke announced the launch of his record label All We Have Is Now which was entitled with a vision of promoting vocally driven music with deep techno influences. As it turns out, he has lived up to his promise with the latest single called “Hallelujah.” Widely recognized for his deeper dives into the melodic territories of techno and house music, Will has raised the bar exponentially with this release.

Inspired by Candi Saton’s iconic vocals from the 2012 single “Hallelujah Anyway,” Will Clark’sproduction has blessed her voice with a darker vibe, graced with some intense synth chords that resemble a haunting atmosphere. Back in February, Clarke had come up with the house banger called “U Take Me Higher” that showcased the harsh reality of substance abuse. Well, it’s no surprise that his second single of the year comes with an even more interesting and mysterious music video.

Starting off at what seems like a normal church, the viewers are set for a surprise when the drop kicks in. The church turns into a haunted one that acts as a massive rave yard for all the demons and the possessed out there, blessing all of us with an eerie experience.

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