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If you have ever been to a rave or a major dance party or DJ concert, then you have almost definitely seen flow props at work. Does that term ring a bell to you? The chances are high that if you spent much time at all in the rave and dance scene, then you are more than accustomed with some sort of flow props.

You see it almost every time you go to a dance festival or electronic music concert. You’ll see people with glowing, light up accessories, making them move and flow with the beat of the music. Sometimes, these lights and toys seem to fly around at inhuman speeds, and you may wonder where the person doing the dancing got the talent to handle these items in such a beautiful way.

They certainly can take some practice, too! There are all kinds of different flow props out there, and if you’re a layperson who has seen them at raves but never really taken them in, you may have wondered what exactly they were.

To be on your toes next time you go to a rave, let’s get you informed on all things related to flow props. If you know some of this information, then you’ll be able to appreciate these fun props even more the next time you see them!

What Are Some Different Types of Flow Props?

Flow props are diverse, and come in almost as many shapes and colors as the party people who enjoy them. Head into any rave or major dance music festival and you’re sure to find some of the following types of flow props being deployed.

  • Poi spinning: Poi is just another way of saying ball in Maori, and Poi spinning takes a ton of talent. The art originally started in New Zealand, and has now become popular with dancers and ravers all over the world. Poi can glow or can be set on fire, making a Poi spinning show that much more beautiful and exciting.
  • Buugeng: A type of staff popular with people at dance shows, Buugeng staffs are able to be spun and twirled in different motions, creating illusions and tricks, bringing a new level of fun to dance parties.
  • Finger lights: You’ve surely seen the small finger lights that clip onto your digits and flash a rainbow of different colors, right? These are great flow props, allowing people to move their fingers with the beat of the music while enjoying a light show right on their hands. Finger lights are also relatively inexpensive and easy to get hold of.
  • Levitation wands: Also known as flow wands, levitation wands are a flow prop with LED lighting and strings inside their tubing. The lights create a visual effect that looks like glowing patterns, and the wands can be moved in time with music to really make the crowd go wild. These props can be a great way to find your own flow with the music and see what fun patterns you can create with the lights.

These are but a few flow props that are popular in the rave and dance scene. You can find a plethora more options for flow arts online, so familiarize yourself with some of these props if you’re interested in stocking up for your next dance event.

Can Anyone Get Into Flow Arts?

Flow arts, at their core, are just a collection of activities based on movement that are most popular in the rave and electronic dance music scene. Flow arts usually involve using some sort of toy (or flow props) that illuminates itself or blinks in time with the rhythm of the music to add a little dazzle to any dance show.

Whether you’re dancing, juggling, spinning fire, or just wowing the crowd with your finger lights blinking in time with the bass drop of this amazing dubstep song, flow arts really have the ability to add some fun to any dance party. If it is something you want to get into, it is simple enough to get started.

Find your favorite flow art, purchase the right props so you can practice, and learn everything you can about your chosen art. For example, if you want to get great at spinning Poi, then you should immerse yourself in YouTube videos about Poi spinners and begin honing your craft.

Remember, with flow arts, your goal is not to be the best at whatever your chosen activity is. Your goal is to add yet another element of fun to the party, and hopefully provide an interesting light show to the party, further providing your fellow dancers with energy and excitement.


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