Aztec – Heal the World

The Indian music producer and DJ Aztec has made quite a name for himself in the Asian electronic music scene, thanks to his epic progressive house influenced electro-pop hits and equally charming live-acts and festival gigs. As a tribute to the doctors and medical personnel who have been serving the world selflessly during this global crisis, he has just released a single called Heal the World that is set to lift our spirits and make us feel loved.

Starting off with the artist’s characteristic guitar sounds, Heal the World features some extremely alluring vocals that endlessly chant an inspiring message regarding how anything in the world can be healed with togetherness and love. The drop is graced with some uplifting melodies that are catchy enough to trigger intense energy and euphoria. This melodic pop banger from the discography of Aztec will certainly prove out to be a memorable one for the listeners.

Inspired by the likes of artists including Swedish House Mafia, Hardwell, and Armin van Buuren, Aztec (Ankit Suhandani) has been looking forward to experimenting with fresh sounds and adapting to more genres, having previously worked on Progressive House, Future House, and Hybrid Trap. So far, this variation in genres has worked out quite effectively for him.

Here’s what the man of the moment had to say about his latest single

“The primary idea behind the track, is to share a personal insight on how the world needs love as a practice to cure all the problems and make us stronger to fight various troubles that may or may not come our way. We’re all in this together. ‘Heal The World’ is Mother Earth’s Quote to Humanity in the first person as addressed in the track. Let’s heal our planet with love and care.” – Aztec

Don’t forget to check out ‘Heal the World’ below

Image Credit: Sunburn Festival

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