Berlin nightclubs to be included in the government’s €30 million relief plan

Berlin nightclubs, as the rest of the music festival and clubbing scene, has been massively harmed for the COVID-19 pandemic. Forced to lock doors for months, these discos are not getting any incomes, which is endangering the survival of some of the most renowned nightclubs in the German city.

Nevertheless, the local Berlin government is determined to protect what they understand is a key part of Berlin’s culture. As part of the stage four of the city’s coronavirus emergency program, Berlin nightclubs will be included into a new €30 million Relief Plan that will be giving away grants to some private institutions in order to protect them and decrease their risk of bankruptcy, compensating for all these months of inactivity. Apart of clubs, cinemas, theatres, museums and other entertainment venues will be included too.

The city’s Club commission stated that besides these grants, they have received over €370,000 just in donations from fans that do not want this to see how some of their favourite clubs disappear. Lutz Leichsenring, Press Cordination for Berlin’s ClubComission said this regarding donations, “The donations still come in handy, as it allows us to take care of hardship cases and clubs that are still employing mini-jobbers, who aren’t being taken into consideration at the moment“.

These donations are indeed being really helpful as let’s remember that the situation in Germany is pretty bad with regards to events. Currently, any sort of entertainment including bars, restaurants, theatres, clubs and other large public gatherings will keep locked down at least until July 31st, while events over 5,000 attendants won’t be allowed until late October.

These are very serious and dangerous times. Now more than ever, we must stay close and we must stay together. Only doing this, we’ll be able to overcome what’s already considered the darkest days of the music industry.

Image Credit: Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

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