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Best electric dance music games to get you hyped for Summer season

There was a time when music in gaming was the hot combination, with the likes of Guitar Hero and DJ Hero dominating sales. They died off rather quickly, but there’s a new age of music being intertwined with gaming – and not just in the form of soundtracks.

Following the Fornite concert featuring Travis Scott, Rolling Stone now reports that Electric Blockaloo will be coming to the game Minecraft. It’ll be a virtual concert of over 300 artists, featuring the likes of A-Trak, Above & Beyond, Diplo, and TOKiMONSTA as stage hosts.

Events like this are good for the artists, and further demonstrate how music and gaming can complement each other in a post-DJ Hero era. So, to prepare for the fully-fledged stacked-speaker festival season, we’re delving into the world of gaming to find the titles that utilize electric dance music as a founding piece of the game – going beyond the soundtrack to offer you an immersive and hype-building experience.

Spin Rhythm XD

In early access on Steam now and coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year, people are raving about Spin Rhythm XD already. From gamers who just want to experience a music-themed game to hardcore festival-goers, Spin Rhythm XD is exciting them all and already boasts an overwhelmingly positive review score on Steam.

The game is designed with one purpose: to connect you to the music. It involves high-precision rhythm gameplay and a deluxe range of over 40 licensed tracks to challenge your skills across five difficulties – which includes the brutal XD mode. In the game, you’ll use intuitive controls to spin, flick, and tap to match the beats using a mouse and keyboard, a gamepad, or you could connect real MIDI DJ turntables.

DJ Wïld

Being a development studio based in Stockholm, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that ELK Studios felt inspired to make a game that’s based on dance music. With legendary local artists like Avicii and Swedish House Mafia providing ample stimulation to the creative process, the team created the Fantasize soundtrack alongside one of Sweden’s hottest DJs to set the tone for DJ Wïld.

Primarily due to the tracks upping their tempo with each round, getting more intense when bonuses are triggered and wins land, DJ Wïld has become one of the most popular music-themed games at the NetBet online casino. Its fast-paced gameplay and festival-esque atmosphere make for an exciting experience to get pumped for the live events.

No Straight Roads

There isn’t a great deal of modern games that utilize electric dance music as an integral part of the gameplay, but there is one on the horizon which looks to be a real hidden gem. No Straight Roads, created by Metronomik, is a music-based action-adventure title in which you play as indie rockers who seek to take on the dominant EDM Empire.

So, while you’re battling against electric dance music, the high-tempo tracks and beats will be filling the scenes of Vinyl City. There’s even a level where you have to fight what is effectively a universe DJ. All of the in-game action, coupled with the music booming through, will surely get you excited. No Straight Roads will be coming to PC (via the Epic Games Store) and the PlayStation 4 on 30 June this year, so the electric/rock music battler isn’t far away now.

If you want to immerse yourself in upbeat dance music before as a part of your festival season, check out Spin Rhythm XD, DJ Wïld, or No Straight Roads.Best electric dance music games to get you hyped for Summer season


Image Credit: Mateo Vrbs on Unsplash

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