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Bob Sinclair COVID-19 fundraiser set postponed

For the first time in what seems like months, we have a postponement, not as a direct result of COVID-19. French DJ and producer Bob Sinclair was supposed to perform on the top of Arc de Triomphe in Paris after a nationwide clap for healthcare workers, but organisers, Cercle, have had to postpone the live stream due to a miscommunication.

The postponement was due to confusion among the public as to whether this was a live stream or an in-person event. Amid the current pandemic, if the show had gone ahead it could have been devastating for the local population and health care system. Fans of the ‘Love Generation’ producer will now have to wait to an unannounced date to tune in to the live stream.

Proceeds of the live stream were to be donated to COVID-19 research, split between Doctors Without Borders, Foundation de France, and 101 Fund. The show was also meant to kick off the “Music Against COVID” movement, in the hopes, it will mobilise the music industry against coronavirus.

Cercle have commented on the cancellation, stating that when they organise another date:

“Confinement measures may still be in force, please note that this performance is not accessible to the public. No part of the performance will either be audible or visible from the Place de l’Etoile, so please stay safe at home and enjoy the live-stream.”

Considering the seriousness of the miscommunication, the postponement in understandable in the current climate of COVID-19. Whilst we do not yet know a date, we can be sure that when it is revealed, Bob Sinclair will certainly be performing via a live stream.


Image Credit: Bahia Notícias via Flickr

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