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Calvin Harris to release new music on Defected Records

One of the things that cannot be complained about in this pandemic is the amount of releases of great tracks in the electronic music industry, regardless of the genre. And one of the greatest DJs of all time was not left out of that list. Calvin Harris announced through his Instagram that he will be releasing his brand new single in the upcoming weeks, dropping via the legendary Defected Records.

The journey to Defected did in fact begin a long time ago for Calvin Harris, after Adam Wiles (his real name) shared a letter received in 1999 from the founder of Defected Records – Simon Dunmore – after sending a demo CD at only 15 years old in an attempt to sign a track with the record company. It is noteworthy that in recent weeks the Scottish producer made a special appearance in one of the editions of Defected Virtual Festival throughout the quarantine period and released EPs as Love Regenerator, his alias for the more house and techno side of dance music.

It is not yet possible to say whether the track to be released on Defected will be as Calvin Harris or Love Regenerator. What remains for the fans and especially for the aspiring producers is the perseverance in continuing to create music in pursuit of goals in the music industry, just as it happened with Adam an incredible 21 years later.

Soon we will have more news about the new track, which promises to be great as well as the partnership between Calvin Harris and Defected Records.

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