Don Diablo

Don Diablo – Inside My Head (Voices)

Don Diablo has just released his newest song ‘Inside My Head (Voices)’. As the artist behind many of the most influential songs in dance music, including the soundtrack to most of our younger years, ‘Starlight (Could You Be Mine)’ and ‘Make You Pop’, a single with fellow DJ/producer Diplo, the Dutch producer continues to go from strength to strength.

In the age of a global pandemic, much like other artists performing from their homes, Don Diablo has been performing live-streamed sets.  As many Don Diablo fans know, he’s noted for having a strong social media attraction, with his latest being this set from his pool, delivering a healthy dose of DnB.

‘Inside My Head (Voices)’ samples one of the songs that made us fall in love with dance music from the start, The Police classic ‘Voices Inside My Head‘. It opens up with a heavy bassline sitting underneath a short vocal phrase with huge reverb to reel us in, and we’re hooked… “voices inside my head and all the things that you said”  is sung from the heavens and is followed by standard house chords. Diablo carefully brings in a vocoder-drenched phrase that directs us into the drop, which is a harmonic bass-heavy, shape-shifting, beat-stuttering bundle of goodness. Diablo’s changes between chorus and verse are seamless in the sense that we’re always waiting, which is the benchmark for a top track. During the final drop, Diablo adds top harmony, sucking us in us to the mix, then adds a flanger-filter bringing us out to the end, trusting us to play this song back from the beginning to experience it all again (which of course, we did).

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Stream ‘Inside My Head (Voices)’ below:


Image Credit: Don Diablo Press / Provided by Listen-Up PR