Farius releases mesmerising debut album ‘From The Start’ via Enhanced

As far as New Music Friday’s have been in 2020, this one might just be one of the best. An array of incredible singles have dropped as we head into a glorious weekend of weather for many, but the attention in the dance music scene is firmly planted upon an exclusive new album. Released with almost 56 breathtaking minutes of progressive and trance, with influenced sounds of techno and synthwave contributing to a stellar fifteen tracks, Farius‘ album ‘From The Start‘ is out now.

Released on Enhanced Progressive, ‘From The Start‘ is a collection of tracks that represent the musical journey upon which the artist developed into one of the UK’s most exciting talents. From his early days in London, training classically and DJing in popular nightclubs, Farius has evolved rapidly and now receives widespread support from the biggest names in trance and progressive, including Armin van Buuren, Cosmic Gate, and Above & Beyond. Citing the latter as a huge inspiration, Farius will appear on the legendary Above & Beyond Group Therapy Radio (ABGT) at 7pm BST on Friday 29th May to showcase this plethora of anthems. The album consists of 15 releases, some of which dropped initially as singles. ‘Miami Love‘, ‘Neon Landing‘, ‘Home Again‘, ‘Cloud 9‘, and most recently ‘Forever‘ and ‘Kencho‘ have already seen the light of day, earning solid support throughout the scene, despite the lack of club action. On that, expect to hear more of the new album releases supported widely on radio shows in the coming weeks, and for good reason at that.

Initio‘ kicks off the new tracks with an ambient progressive vibe as the introduction to the album, before moving into ‘Miami Love‘. Then comes ‘Forever‘ before ‘Weak Heart‘, one of the most captivating releases that embodies the now-unmistakable Farius sound through its luscious arps and blissful vocals. ‘Neon Landing‘ follows before ‘Steadfast‘, a true dancefloor pumper and one of few largely instrumental tracks on the albumbarring a few subtle vocal samples.

Kencho‘ comes in next hitting hard before ‘Home Again‘ brings that true Farius vibe back around. ‘Free Now‘ is another brand new release, taking a slightly less club-anthem approach and embodying that euphoric sound of summer nights. ‘Way Back When‘ is one of the most anticipated releases from the album, featuring powerful vocals from Kyle Reynolds, with a breakdown that emulates the likes of The Midnight with that low key synthwave feel, before ramping back up and adding that unique twist.

Cloud 9‘ – featured in our We Rave You Magazine – rumbles through with a thumping bass before working into a melodic masterpiece featuring Clara Sofie on vocals. ‘Suligen‘, another instrumental track, is a collaboration with Sodality of which words cannot describe, as the sheer brilliance of this track is so prominent throughout. ‘Always Returning To Him‘ has somewhat of an old school Pryda sound throughout, with that extra Farius blend to take it from nightclub to main stage ready in seconds. ‘Trancist‘ will make you exactly the opposite of what the title suggests, and capture your heart and soul from the off. ‘Stars‘ rounds off this near-flawless collection as the second collaboration with London Thor – after ‘Home Again‘ – providing the perfect finale to Farius’ debut album.

When asked about the album, Farius said:

This album is exactly as the title describes; a culmination of the journey I’ve been on thus far since I sent my first demo to Enhanced Music so many years ago. I won’t pretend and say it embodies my ‘life’s work’, but it’s a collection of tracks that hopefully show the journey I’ve been on since I started producing and where I’m at right now musically. I wanted to produce a versatile album exploring some different styles and sounds, but at the heart one things prevails: melody. A couple of thank you’s: Will, Olly and the rest of the Enhanced team who worked so hard on this with me, James Hurr and Max Sanna for passing on so much knowledge and lastly Jamie Kemp for his dedication to developing my sound.

You can listen to ‘From The Start‘ from Farius now on your favourite streaming platform by clicking here, or dive straight into Spotify below and get a slice of one of the best album you will hear this year!

Image Credit: Farius (Press)

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