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Galantis & Wrabel release anthemic new single ‘The Lake’

International superstars Galantis join forces with singer/songwriter Wrabel for an anthemic new single ‘The Lake’ on Big Beat records. Galantis released their third studio album ‘Church’ earlier this year, introducing their audience to a unique perspective. One of the singles from the album called ‘Faith’ features country legend Dolly Parton and Dutch singer/songwriter Mr. Probz. ‘Faith’ reached #1 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Chart upon release. Other collaborations on the album include Yellow Claw, One Republic, and Passion Pit, thus putting this album at the fingertips of not only dance music lovers, but pop and indie music lovers.

Galantis stated the following about their new single, ‘The Lake’,

‘The Lake is a bit different than our usual Galantis songs.  We wrote it with our friend Wrabel as a reflection of what we’re all experiencing around the world right now.  As we are all seeking peace of mind and hoping for a better tomorrow, we hope everyone out there can find a ‘lake’ of their own.”

‘The Lake’ is a song about finding solace in an escape from reality, and that it’s okay to want to retreat sometimes. Wrabel’s vocals reach out and offer a comforting embrace while harmonious “oo’s” in the background carry us home. Through the sounds of birds sprinkled throughout the song, the lyrics, “Mama ma, back in those days there was magic everywhere” bleed through and suggest that nostalgic feeling as a child of being invincible. But was it really magic? And were we really invincible? As Galantis and Wrabel suggest, sometimes the walls around us are the magical part, like “the house in a little town on the lake”. At the conclusion of such soul-searching lyrics, we’re met with a beautiful violin interlude that makes us reminisce about the times we had when we felt a spark of magic. Whether your solace is at the bottom of a hill by a lake, a treehouse in your backyard, or the attic of your childhood home, this song will transport you back to the days when everything felt infinite and will serve as a gentle reminder to stop and smell the flowers every once in a while.

Listen to ‘The Lake’ below.

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