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Hardwell & Dyro’s track ‘Never Say Goodbye’ turns 7 years old today

The progressive house track by Dutch icons Hardwell and DyroNever Say Goodbye‘ featuring vocals from the super talented American singer Bright Lights is turning 7 years old today! This amazing tune that was teased for the first time at Ultra Music Festival 2013, was the big hit that brought Dyro into the main scene.

Although 7 years have passed, the crazy melody and energy of the song hasn’t gone out to date and still gives that festival goosebump feeling. The day that it was played for the first time, just by seeing the reaction of the crowd, everyone could feel this track was something more; it was special. But this is not a big surprise when you put two prodigies together in the studio.

Back then, Hardwell was a consolidated and reputed artist in the electronic music scene with gigantic releases like ‘Spaceman‘ or ‘Apollo‘, while Dyro was one of Hardwell’s protegé. With an amazing talent on the production side of things, Dyro was releasing non-stop quality tracks like ‘Leprechauns and Unicorns‘ or his big track with the legend Tiësto ‘Paradise‘. Quoting Hardwell’s own words when he presented ‘Never Say Goodbye’ “I did it togheter with, in my opinion, world’s biggest upcoming DJ right now” and we certainly can deny that, as both artists have gone on to become two icons in our beloved electronic music industry.

Listen to Hardwell and Dyro track ‘Never Say Goodbye’ below:


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