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How do online slots pay homage to dance music?

Online slots take inspiration from many different areas of pop culture. One minute you could be playing a slot themed around the lost treasures of Ancient Egypt, the next you could hear sounds that remind you of Game of Thrones. No area is out of bounds when it comes to presenting a slot game that engages players – including dance music. While the two may seem worlds apart, there are a great many similarities between online slots and dance music that allow a perfect partnership. So, how are online slots paying homage to dance music?

Both Utilize Themes

Indeed, as the comprehensive guide to slots shows us at, a theme makes a slot game even better by taking the traditional gameplay and adding elements that create something unique. These could include Marilyn Monroe, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Gladiator. Each takes you to a new realm and heightens the experience. This is very much like dance music.

Take the many different genres encompassed by dance music – from Trance to Deep House (and some spanning multiple genres, as we discovered with Jauz’s new album). Some dance music tracks are designed to elicit feelings of euphoria, while others are more somber and wistful. Compare Wanderlust by Throttle, which brings forth a more melancholic sound, to the uber-happy anthem ‘One More Time’ by Daft Punk. Much like the way online slots use a theme to elicit a certain headspace in players, dance music does so with different kinds of songs.

Both Can Elicit Tension

One of the main aspects of an online slot game is that the further along the game you go, the more the tension is amped up. This is helped by some of the visuals and sounds heard in the game, which can amplify the tension you’re feeling later on in the game. dance music utilizes tension in order to drop a beat that you end up actually anticipating. This is especially cultivated when played live as everyone can feel the beat about to drop and waits anxiously for it to do so, thus creating a moment of pure tension.

For instance, Knife Party are well known for dropping beats from very high – as can be heard in their track Bonfire. Their first release in four years back in 2019 provided us with some more of these bangers, as we earlier reported ( While Martin Garrix’s Animals also amps up the tension for the big drop, as does Krewella’s We Are One. The fact that listeners anticipate these drops means that, much like the knowledge in online slots of what might happen, the tension is even stronger. The has even cultivated a playlist that outlines just how big some of the drops can be.

dance music is a far-reaching category that is open to interpretation and has been reinvented and repurposed by many different artists throughout the years. That’s why it makes the perfect inspiration for another form of recreation that has also been adapted over the years – online slots. dance music is an attitude and a vibe, which can be felt throughout many online slot games. This includes through utilizing tension-inducing moments and harnessing the benefits of using a theme to elicit a greater response.


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