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Ireland may be reopening nightclubs in time for the Summer

During this COVID-19 time, it’s uncertain whether things will get back to normal any time soon, or even this year at all. With nothing open right now, it feels like a very bleak time and even though this would be the time where everyone would be planning their summer festivals and holidays, everyone is stuck at home instead. Where some places are still being hit badly, others are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and may be back to normal during summer, and Ireland might be one of those places.

Ireland have bring going through months of social distancing and strict quarantine rules and the result of that has lead to the hope that their nightclubs may open sooner than anyone thought. Aiming to open by the end of August, their government is still following things with a watchful eye. Not only will nightclubs be a part of this, but bars, businesses and music festivals too.

In a government statement online, their plans to lift lockdown will be in five stages starting on 18 May. This starts with easing the restrictions slightly, but still encouraging to people wear face masks when going outside and only meeting in very small groups. Phase two starting on 8 June will build on top of the first phase, and phase three to four on June 29 and July 20 will lead up the final phase on August 10. The final phase includes being allowed to travel outside of Ireland again, larger social gatherings will no longer be restricted to immediate family or super small groups of people and everything (including schools, cinemas, nightclubs and more) can open again with social distancing measures.

Of course, this will only happen if Ireland sees a drastic change for the better in the health of their population, but this is a good step towards going back to the normality that everyone desperately seeks. You can read the full document here.


Image Credit: Leonhard Niederwimmer on Unsplash


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