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Kölsch to perform atop Copenhagen’s landmark Copenhill this weekend

Kölsch is set to perform new music and more this weekend in an exclusive DJ set on top of CopenHill, one of Copenhagen’s most unique landmarks. As better days are starting to appear on the horizon, Kölsch fans are going to have another thing to look forward to before the end of lockdown as he is to perform yet another breathtaking set this Saturday. He is set to celebrate the end of lockdown in his home country of Denmark with a unique live stream with the capital as his backdrop on top of the iconic CopenHill building. The 43-year old is no stranger to performing at heights after streaming from the Eiffel Tower back in 2017 for Cercle.

Not only does CopenHill act as a power station, converting 44,000 tonnes of waste into clean energy annually, but it also acts as the epicentre for urban extreme sports in the Danish capital. The bizarre-looking structure towers over the city, boasting an 400-metre artificial ski slope and is also to open a 85-metre climbing wall at some point this year. The set is sure to be dazzling and we can’t wait to see the incredible footage as one the most established Danish DJ’s performs atop one of Denmark’s most spectacular examples of green engineering.

With his third double single release of 2020 in hand after last week’s release of “The Great Consumer / Remind You”, we are in for a real treat as he is sure to also play upcoming Kölsch music and and a handful of IDs from other artists too.

Be sure to check the Kölsch stream from CopenHill this Saturday, 2020 at 20H CET on his Facebook.


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