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Kygo releases awe-inspiring third studio album ‘Golden Hour’: Listen

The golden hour marks either the first hour of light after sunrise or the last hour of light before sunset. In both cases, it represents a process of change. Similarly representing a new dawn, Kygo has consistently been evolving the landscape of both his signature tropical house and a side of pop influenced music. Taking the lead role in partnering with Sony to launch his own label known as Palm Tree Records, Kygo’s initial idea of bringing artists together in the studio alongside talent such as Petey Martin, Nick Furlong, Valerie Boussard, and Dreamlab only made sense. If there is one global superstar who has been entertaining his fan base during quarantine, it is undeniably Kygo. By sharing his iconic collaborations including ‘Freedom’ with Zack Abel and ‘Lose Somebody’ with OneRepublic featured in his masterpiece known as Golden Hour, we can happily say the wait is finally over for the release of his highly-anticipated album. After teasing the track-list on his official Instagram, let us tell you his expression of art is truly beautiful on so many different levels.

“With every album or next song I’m working on, I always try pushing myself to evolve and experiment with new ideas. I couldn’t be more proud of these 18 songs. It was really hard to narrow the final track-list to just 18. The album has a few songs that are more up-tempo than my earlier albums, but still have the classic Kygo sound.” – Kygo

As Kygo’s creativity shines bright through the impeccable portrayal of enhanced sound design and uplifting vibrations, this tropical house connoisseur brought his initial idea of Golden Hour to life after simultaneously managing a heavy schedule of touring in 2018. While writing music throughout the year, Kygo states he was “fortunate enough to work with some of my favourite artists and writers.” Sharing a family approach to the album process, the first single is none other than the “The Truth” featuring stunning vocals from Valerie Boussard. With wistful melodies and a soulful vocal performance, Kygo guarantees his listeners will immediately be welcomed into a world of his tropical house signature. Through the use of high-pitched vocals, vibrant synths and soft percussions, the enticing melody is one only to speak directly from Kygo and Boussard’s heart. As the song begins to elope into Broussard’s powerful vocals intertwined with Kygo’s high-spirited instrumentals, this single is evidently the perfect beginning to his evolving masterpiece and that is nothing but the truth.

Now if you have ever lost somebody special in your life just to realise your love for them has only gotten stronger, Kygo and OneRepublic have crafted the perfect remedy with “Lose Somebody.” Flowing directly into wavelengths of gentle piano instrumentals and a heart-warming melody, OneRepublic’s touching vocals amplifies Kygo’s melodic productional style. It is clear Kygo and OneRepublic are the ideal match in this collaboration as the high-spirited chorus can be listened to as the cherry on top to this breathtaking single.

Does it “Feel Like Forever” since you have embarked on your summer journey? Well Kygo and Jamie N Commons have teamed up to encourage you to start planning that journey we all need during this uneasy time. Jamie N Commons reassuring vocals aligned with Kygo’s tropical house inspired elements begin to display as a joyful chorus becomes apparent. With Kygo’s stargazing instrumentals communicating on a deeper level intertwined with Jamie N Commons enticing voice, it really does feel like forever since we have embarked on those summer trips but these artists reassure us that everything will be okay in time. Reinforcing the idea that we will all get through the current situation together, Kygo and Zack Abel’s musical talent shines bright by providing us the utmost “Freedom” from the comfort of our own home. Looking out the window, remember that Kygo and Abel are here for you with a scintillating single enhanced with top notch visual elements. With tons of positive messages throughout the official music video, Kygo states “I guess the lesson is to make the best out of a difficult situation.” Fans will look back at when ‘Freedom’ was something we used to take for granted as Kygo’s ambient musical camouflages are the perfect fit with Abel’s soothing voice.

Continuing to showcase his masterpiece, Kygo and Sandro Cavazza are allowing us to reminisce with their past release of “Beautiful.” As a heartfelt tribute to the one and only Avicii, an acoustic guitar riff and touching instrumentals portray a sense of pure emotion to the single. With a sensational aura present in this one, Kygo and Sandro Cavazza are the perfect pair to express an incredible form of art in the most meaningful way. Portraying Kygo’s eclectic sound in his chill-tempo collaboration on “To Die” with St.Lundi, these talented artists are slowing down time with this one. Reminding us to cherish these moments forever through Kygo’s exhilarating percussions and timeless piano chords, this one is guaranteed to give you goosebumps and take you right to the feels.

Sharing her story of what she was going through at the time, Kim Petras‘s uplifting voice introduced in “Broken Glass” does not go unnoticed. To keep us “dancing on the broken glass,” Kygo’s expressive production weaves through as listeners are taken on a journey through subtle bass-lines and a hint of Kygo’s tropical house signature. Feeling like relaxing beachside? This one is for you, as Kygo and Oh Wonder have collaborated on their inspiring single “How Would I Know.” From Oh Wonders captivating vocals flowing immaculately with Kygo’s sonic elements and innovative sound design, this one is a keeper. Leading into “Could You Love Me” with Dreamlab, a laid-back beat fuelled with guitar chords is certainly irresistible to the ear. Dreamlab’s vocals alongside a delightful keyboard melody have crafted a catchy single we cannot get enough of.

Speaking of special songs, Kygo’s summer-ready single “Higher Love” has also been included in Golden Hour. Accompanied by the icon known as Whitney Houston, Kygo’s gratitude of working with one of the greatest female voice’s existing allowed him to leave a imprint on a piece of history. Infusing his tropical house signature sound with Houston’s powerful vocals, if you are not singing with the top of your lungs you are doing something wrong. Previously releasing “I’ll Wait” with Sasha Sloan, the beautiful piano melody immediately leading into Sloan’s gentle voice is the ideal match to look back on the good old days.

Making sure we “Never Give Up On Love” with Sam Tinnesz, just close your eyes and let these artists brighten up even those darkest days. As slow tempo guitar chords, distorted instrumentals and Tinnesz’s amplified vocals become apparent, listeners will never “give you up on love” through the soft melody presented. Goosebumps may be the new normal by listening to this album, but “Say You Will” featuring Patrick Droney and Petey Martin will take you right to the feels once again. By finding the balance between calming vocals and Kygo’s tranquillising production, the track progresses into a blissful melody. As you “Follow” Kygo through this meaningful album, Joe Janiak  begins the track with his commanding voice infused with a groovy tropical house inspired twist. Telling it “Like It Is” with Zara Larsson and Tyga needs no formal introduction as we have been truly amazing by Kygo’s ability to stay true to his natural sound while experimenting with hints of rap and pop inspired sequences.

Providing us with a more spiritually inspired single, “Someday” featuring Zac Brown Band blends Kygo’s high-energy production with Band’s soulful vocals to keep us dancing all day long. Putting all of his heart and soul which you can really feel in the next one, Rhys Lewis’s voice is something special in “Hurting.” Alongside a subtle bass-line and vibrant chord percussions, this song will definitely be played on repeat. Concluding his masterpiece with “Only Us” featuring Haux’s comforting voice, Kygo’s forward-thinking sound design is displayed throughout the single.

Celebrating the album release with his very own online Golden Hour Festival, the real beauty behind this masterpiece is Kygo’s ability to balance both his signature tropical house and pop inspired sound while exploring new boundaries in the realm of electronic music. It is safe to say the world is a lot brighter with Kygo in the picture.

“There is so much going on in the world right now, so I hope everyone can escape the craziness while listening to my music and enjoy the songs. “I can’t wait to be back on the road playing shows and hearing everyone sing along to the new music.” – Kygo

Listen to Golden Hour below and let us know your favourite song in the comments.


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