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Las Vegas clubs still staying closed, casinos set to open up on 4th of June

The Coronavirus pandemic really forced the world to press pause on our normal, day to day life and get used to the new regulations. Now, things are finally getting better, the economy is reviving again and hopefully the event industry will also get a green light soon to start with all the fun again. After hearing the news about various clubs re-opening in Asia, event attendees from around the world are questioning themselves when will the new guidelines be applied to their country as well. Las Vegas, one of the world’s biggest party centres is still unsure about the exact date when they will be able to open up the clubs and continue to welcome visitors from all over the globe to experience their magical nightlife.

Just like the rest of the world Las Vegas has also been recently shut down due to Coronavirus and strict regulations introduced by Governor Steve Sisolak turned it into a ghost town. Clubs, bars, restaurants and casinos all are getting ready for the grand reopening. Special guidelines are being followed during the preparations and action plans, that will help to keep the visitors safe from Coronavirus, have been made. Although the casinos are reopening again, following the regulations of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the government still thinks that opening up the clubs would be too big of a risk. So unfortunately no nightclubs and dayclub pool parties will be allowed any time soon. They are known to be highly concentrated areas, which is very risky with a virus that transmits that easily between people. Luckily the pools will open up just in time for the summer, with the date being set for 4th of June (for now).

Of course not everything will go back to normal as soon as the doors are open, bars, restaurants, shops and gambling areas will operate at a limited capacity. Casinos will only be able to let in 50% of the capacity that they normally have. Strict regulations will be followed like social distancing for example – they will be removing every other chair from the slot machines, so that the guests won’t be sitting directly next to each other.

With Nevada about to enter the second phase of reopening, we can only hope for the best and wait to see how the situation changes throughout the following weeks. Brighter days are coming soon for sure, we just need to wait a little longer and we will be able to reunite on the dancefloor again!

Image Credit: Julian Paefgen on Unsplash

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