Martin Garrix

Relive Martin Garrix spectacular performance from A’dam Tower: Watch

The Dutch sensation Martin Garrix turned out to be a savior for everyone stuck at their homes on 27th April, especially for the people in the Netherlands when he took over the rooftop of A’dam tower to come up with an astonishing 20-minute-long live set on the occasion of King’s Day. Much to the delight of all the electronic music fans out there, he also declared during the set that a sequel to his awe-inspiring progressive house anthem “High on Life” is certainly on the horizon, a track that is being eagerly awaited by all.

Over the past couple of months, the speculations surrounding the quality of unreleased stuff currently lying in Martin Garrix’s studio have been insane. With a rumored collaboration with the legendary producer Zedd expected to hit the charts soon, he already has “Higher Ground” feat. John Martin lined-up for a release on his birthday (14th May). Moreover, the fact that he recently released music through his GRX alias doesn’t rule out the possibility of new releases from Area 21, his pop-influenced alias that also comprises of the American record producer Maejor.

During his set, Martin Garrix played out some of his most iconic tunes from the rooftop, including Animals, In The Name of Love, and High on Life. Don’t’ forget to check it out –

Image Credit: Louis van Baar

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