Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix drops eagerly-awaited John Martin collaboration ‘Higher Ground’

The legendary producer Martin Garrix has finally released his much-awaited collaboration with John Martin called Higher Ground. As it turns out, there could not have been a better occasion for this release than the Dutch superstar’s birthday as he turns 24 today. Out now through his record label STMPD, this progressive house banger has arrived with a music video that showcases some of the most cherished moments from the fans who were asked to send in their contributions earlier.

When Martin Garrix steps on the turf of Progressive House, you know something huge is about to hit the charts, especially when John Martin’s voice has something to do with it. The two had previously joined forces for another delightful record “Now That I’ve Found You” back in 2016. The release of Higher Ground was already hyped up to its peak when Martin Garrix first played it out first during one of his studio sessions and then back-to-back in his live sets from his rooftop and the Dutch waters.

Blessed with John Martin’s bright and profound voice, Higher Ground is full of uplifting sounds and emotional melodies that make us remember all the happy days and moments of joy while inspiring us to find our way back again. Don’t forget to check it out here


Image Credit: Louis van Baar


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