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Natalie Gotman releases ‘Time’, another single from her upcoming album

The rising singer and songwriter Natalie Gotman based in Germany continues to impress electronic music fans across the world with her talent. Co-working with renowned producers signed to top-notch record labels including the likes of Spinnin’ and Armada, she has evolved a lot as a musician while releasing some quality stuff throughout the process. As a way to remind people to value every minute during this troubling phase and lift our spirits up, she has just dropped another single called “Time” from her upcoming album. All the deep house and dance-pop lovers are set for an elegant surprise that surrounds her soulful and ambient voice.

Immensely supported by some of the top artists in the industry at the moment, the latest addition to her discography will prove to be no exception. She is actively working on a brand new dance-influenced album in the studio at the moment, which may even see release this year.

Starting off with some ambient plucks and synths, Natalie’s voice just adds a touch of bliss to the vibe of the track “Time”, that is graced with an interesting rhythm and a vibrant bassline. As a matter of fact, the song was written well before the coronavirus situation. But it’s almost the perfect time for its release as it teaches us the value of time and how you should spend it doing what you love.

Here’s what the renowned producer Vitali Zestovskih from the Berlin-based project VIZE had to say about Natalie’s latest single –

“Cool song! Something different. So nice and easy to listen to. I like it very much! Reminds me of old trance times with modern influence.”

Don’t forget to check out time on Spotify here & the Official Lyric Video below:

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