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NERVO discusses with Klas Bergling at Tomorrowland One World Radio

Mim Nervo, one half of the famous Australian electronic dance music duo Nervo, has sit with non-other than Klas Bergling, father of the deceased legendary producer Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, at this week’s Tomorrowland One World Radio.

Mim called Klas to talk about his son and share with him the amazing news that Avicii’s multi award winner song ‘Levels‘, has been named the all-time favourite record in the history of Tomorrowland.

It’s been over two years after the young prodigy passed away, leaving us a tremendous legacy that will live forever. Since 2018, he’s been honoured in some of the most unimaginable ways, with amazing tributes coming from the most reputed artists, organisations and companies all of them honouring his name. The tragic news of his death also served to launch beneficial acts like a tribute concert to his name or the creation of his very own Tim Bergling Foundation.

In the short interview, Mim Nervo asked Klas Bergling if he’d ever imagine ‘Levels’ would become this big. He said that besides he loved it since the very beginning, he was very surprised and he did not expect that the tune would go on to became one of the biggest anthems in the electronic music history as it has, at the time he admitted he didn’t remember when was the first time he listened to it. To finish it off, Klas wanted to take the opportunity to thank every single one of his fans for the amazing support “It means a lot to us and his legacy“.

Watch the entire talk below:


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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