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New survey shows social distancing in UK clubs will not work economically

Night Time Industries Association released a new survey, highlighting how the COVID-19 “has left the industry in an untenable position” in the UK night-life scene. Moreover, it will be “financially unviable” to implement social distancing in clubs, bars, and music venues.

130 different businesses were surveyed and believe that there is not enough guidance, or that without government assistance they will be able to re-open. A respondent to the survey stated:

Social distancing is incompatible with businesses selling social interaction. You do not go to a bar to get drunk. You go to a bar to socially interact with people. Asking hospitality businesses to practice social distancing is a bit like trying to sell someone a car they cannot drive.

Over sixty percent of the respondents believe that they will not be able to reopen if the government does not help, as they will be only operating to 40% capacity. Moreover, even if it is safe to reopen, people will not feel safe to go out just yet. Business owners want the government and the media to reverse the narrative and provide assurance to people that they can go out and socialize once more. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the entertainment industry into shambles. With a steep uphill battle to reopen and be financially viable, nightlife companies will be severely hurt.

Image Credit: Jake Davis

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