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No massive events in the Netherlands without Coronavirus vaccine

The Coronavirus situation has been getting more and more serious all around the world, of course everyone is suffering because of it, but one of the more affected sectors is definitely the music industry. Events all around the world getting cancelled and postponed due to the virus and the future of the event management industry is staying pretty uncertain at this point. Earlier this week, the Dutch event management companies suffered another major blow.

The Dutch Health care minister Hugo de Jonge has announced that massive events will only be allowed to take place, after a Coronavirus vaccine will be available to the public. Every few weeks a press conference takes place where the government presents their step-by-step plan, which will hopefully lead to the relaxation of the lockdown and the end of Coronavirus infections in the Netherlands. Among some other restrictions, there was also an announcement that all events will be banned until September 1st. However things are still quite questionable, since there is no clear explanation of what is meant with “massive events”, we can only imagine that festivals, concerts, sports gatherings and big conferences are included here. Here is what Hugo de Jonge said about them:

“For the last step, the massive events with a national quality, we can not yet give a date… Actually, that is only possible once there is a vaccine, and no one knows how long that will take. Of course we hope for soon, but a year or more is very likely.”

The Netherlands is definitely well known for their amazing summer festivals and one of the biggest electronic dance music gatherings in the world – Amsterdam Dance Event. From what it looks like right now, the chances of any kind of big event taking place this year are very slim, but let’s wait and see. In the meantime stay safe and positive and attend some online performances of your favourite artists from the comfort of your own home.


Image Credit: Red Morley Hewitt on Unsplash

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