Armand van Helden unites with Solardo & Hervé for new anthem ‘Power Of Bass’

Old school meets new school for the latest release on the Ministry of Sound imprint, as Armand Van Helden and Hervé team up with Solardo for a collaboration in the shape of ‘Power Of Bass’.

The names hardly need introducing, but for those who don’t know, a quick run-down. Armand Van Helden is of course one of the most legendary names in house music since the birth of genre, managing to maintain underground credibility while forging serious mainstream success. Hervé is a slightly unexpected character to put into the mix, but having been prominently known as a remixer on the more commercial side of house music throughout the 00s, he’s the ideal man to have on-board to make ‘Power Of Bass’ a smash. And then the icing on the cake – despite having only been big for the past few years, Solardo really are a major force these days, having taken up a role as kings of the tech house genre through their cunning ability to create magic in the studio and also harness a fan-base that are as into the music as they are.

So it’s quite the magic recipe, but what of the track itself? Well, it’s fair to say ‘Power Of Bass’ has all the makings of a summer banger, hitting the perfect note between being a radio friendly commercial house anthem while also being something an underground DJ could drop in a set and raise the roof rather than raising hell from the purists. It must be said however that it’s a track that in this form is perhaps overly reliant on the lead vocal, but the remix potential is huge, and it’s not like producers have anything better to do right now, so get cracking guys!

Power Of Bass is out now, so grab your copy here, and take a listen in full below.

Image Credit: Armand Van Helden