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Psychedelics documentary featuring A-list celebrities launches on Netflix

Netflix is set to release a new documentary around celebrities and their experiences with psychedelics, “Have A Good Trip”, on May 11th.

Its with no doubt that Netflix have captivated their audiences even more so during this lockdown period as many stay inside to watch endless amounts of some of the ground-breaking content they have released recently. In a long line of successful new documentaries, their new psychedelics film is aiming to draw in similar numbers as content such as “Cheer”, “Miss Americana”, “Tiger King” and more.

The new “Have A Good Trip” documentary takes A-List celebrities and encourages them to sit them down an get them to open up about their experiences with psychedelics; substances that have been heavily associated with the rave/dance music scene over the years. Adam Scott, A$AP Rocky, Nick Offerman and Ben Stiller are among a few star names that feature in an eye-opening and hilarious piece of film-making in which we will learn of both they’re common experiences and their down-right wacky hallucinations.

If it sounds like something that might be up your street, make sure to check out the “Have A Good Trip” trailer below, the insightful psychedelics documentary coming to Netflix on May 11th!


Image Credit: A. L. on Unsplash

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