Slushii & RayRay – ET

Julian Scanlan who goes by the stage name of Slushii has become widely recognized for his eclectic production style. Whether it his classic future bass remix of Kaskade’s “Disarm You” or a vibrant collaboration on “One True Love” with Steve Aoki, this genre-defying producer can do it all. Satisfying bass and chill-tempo enthusiasts around the world, Slushii truly is one of a kind when it comes to consistently delivering his fresh new sound to spread positivity all year round. Teaming up with Taiwanese producer RayRay who has been making her own waves in the industry through her electrifying sound and seducing vocals in collaborations such as “Nana Street” with GHOSTER, Slushii and RayRay are now invading earth with their bass-heavy collaboration “ET.”

Remincising back to the classic E.T film, many will thank Slushii and RayRay for bringing back those good old memories however with a darker twist. Starting off with RayRay’s smooth vocals which lure listeners into her world of futuristic sound, there is no way “we can read her mind” when the conatagious bassline becomes apparent. With suprises in sight, Slushii and RayRay explore a tech-house inspired backdrop fueled with a high pitched morphed instrumental which whip in and out of the track. As the track only becomes more enticing over time, it is safe to say Slushii and RayRay have satisfied all those listeners craving that bass-driven sound with unexpected shifts.

Check out how Slushii and RayRay have invaded earth below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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