Tiesto at Ultra Korea 2017

Tiësto’s imprint drops its first self-titled compilation ‘Musical Freedom Unlimited’

Tiësto’s Musical Freedom imprint has dropped a mega 16-track compilation album, “Musical Freedom Unlimited”, for the first time in its incredible 11 year history.

Musical Freedom Unlimited” brings a whole host of producers together from around the world, combining different dance music styles and flavours to one mighty compilation album. A tonne of rising talents feature on the tracklist, with Magnificence & AYOR teaming up for an unrelenting electro house anthem “Set Me Free” and Breathe Carolina arrive with their hard-hitting sound of “That’s My Music”. SWACQ, BYOR, MOSKA and Cheyenne Giles also appear on “Unlimited” with the unbelievable tones of “POW!”, “Feeling Right”, “90s” and “Don’t Wanna” respectively.

To celebrate the dizzying release of a jam-packed compilation, the imprint is hosting the “biggest back-to-back remote DJ set live stream ever seen”. The stream features the likes of Breathe Carolina, AYOR, Magnificence, Cheyenne Giles, Antoine Delvig, Love For Justice and many more; if you want to check it out you can do so here (6PM CEST on May 29).

If you are a huge fan of the products of Musical Freedom and have some spare time today, be sure to listen to the mouth-watering new compilation from start to finish, we guarantee you won’t regret it. Check out the insane ‘Musical Freedom Unlimited’ compilation below!


Image Credit: Rukes.com


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